December 2014 – Part II –

Jingle bells. It’s Christmas time and the sun is still with us. I come back from Rome were I did the Mercato Monti. It was a real pleasure to meet great, talented and old friends there. If I have to be honest I don’t really love to stay all the day hoping that visitors will understand what I do, why and how. Luckily Mercato Monti is different for 2 reasons.
1) The organisers did a great marketing  job and at the moment this market is one of the best in Italy. I’m sure.
2) Most of the exhibitors and the organizers love me and my ceramics. So they strongly support me and my ceramics.
Here below you will find a selection of pictures that I ripped off from the Mercato Monti’s Facebook page (click here).

There is another important news that you have to know. I took part to a project named Heartists (click here): 15 artists donated an artwork to create a print (70×100 cm) that you can buy for 15 euros. All the money will donated to an association that help alley cats and stray dogs. Choose your print and order… it’s important. I’m not an illustrator so they decide to took a picture of my work “Fossi stato più furbo“. The picture has been taken by Dario Miale, as usually, so thank you Dario.HEARTISTS_img-copertina


Do you remember about Pepo (click here) and the project Grottangeles (click here)?
For Christmas we decided to collaborate realizing a combo pack. You can receive my ceramic fruit basket + his jumper for only 60 euro.  It will be a perfect gift, your perfect present. Order it, come on.
Last week I met in my studio Monica, a girl with a positive and intensive energy that you can feel 100 km far from the earth. She has a blog and when she went back home wrote a small post about her day. Inside there were a couple of sentences that made me happy. If you speak italian you can click here.


December 2014 – Part I –

Ladies and gentleman I’m proud to announce that we have new t-shirts and bags printed by Serigrafia Lupetto (click here). If you need one come to the studio with minimum 6 and maximum 12 euros. All of them were hand/heart printed  by Guadalupe . She is super cool and can print your serial dreams.
I know that it’s winter and it’s not good to buy a t-shirt but the Sun is still here and it doesn’t need holidays, we have to support the power of the Sun.
It’s also time to go to Rome where I will take part to Mercato Monti (click here) the 13th and the 14th of December. Please come and buy your Christmas presents there. You should support DIY, and Mercato Monti is the TOP in Rome. Two floors of great artisans, second hands clothes, vintage objects are waiting for you.

FORMATO fronte 10X 15 copia


In the last post I spoke about Arteria, the art show that Fatti di China organized into the deconsecrated church of San Giuseppe in Conversano. They realized a small documentary about the event. If you have 8 minutes you should look at it. I have always nasal voice and unless sentences. I know….

Last week there was the exhibition in Milano “Ensemble 2.0“. Unfortunately I wasn’t there and the weather was also really rainy. I don’t have pictures about the event so I stolen from “Caba associazione” facebook page some photos (click here). You should follow them, they are great…
In the last photo the ceramic balloons.


Last update before to go. In the last days a lot of blog are speaking about my stuff. Here they are some examples. Thank you! ! !
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See you soon. I have to listen Erlend Oye right now.