January 2015 – Part II –

I am back, after crazies days. In the last weeks I did 2 exhibitions, one in Pescara and one in London. I was there and if you have a couple of minutes I will tell you everything.
The 22th Dario Miale, Valeria, Maria Carmela and I moved from Grottaglie to Pescara were we had to show Made in Italy for our Sano/sano project. Into the Circolo Aternino, an AMAZING place, we had three floors to set all our photos and pieces. Here you will find some pictures.
pescaraokIt was really funny to look at our pieces for the first time in a so institutional place, with institutional visitors and approach. In Pescara we had time to eat and drink. It was there that I ate the worst felafel in my life. It’s happened on Sunday when everybody moved back to Grottaglie and I was alone waiting to flight to London.
I spent like 9 hours at the Pescara’s airport the most empty place in the world. In London Crispino (Primato Pugliese ideator) was waiting for me. I had another show, an amazing show located in a wonderful location. As you read in the last post into the Melia there was the Art-rooms (click here) from the 24th to the 26th of January. When I arrived there Crispino did most of the work, sold pieces and took connection.
For the first time I was showing my pieces in London and I was really interesting to see the reaction of the people. It was GREAT. Thanks to Crispino that made a great presentation all the visitors and journalists were enthusiastic about my pieces. You can see what I mean looking at some press-release. 
– Libero (click
– I giornaleoff (click
– The flaneur (click

After it I had a little time to steal something really important, met one of the friends that I planned to meet, had junk food, going to the Casino and fell sick. It is official London is not the right place for me to survive. Too many languages and metro stops. One afternoon while I was walking I start to become crazy about all the people, shops wi-fi connection. I decided to run away into a desolated station far from the center. I ordered my tea and I finished to read one of the best book ever. You have to read Sepulveda. Believe me, i cried for like 10 minutes like a child at the end of the book. Thank you Sepulveda, thank you Pescara, thank you London. Thanks to you, too. 
See you… 


Dal 12 Settembre al 18 Ottobre 2015 tornerò con il progetto 29 giorni. Selezionato per il Ceramics Symposium di Gmunden trascorrerò un mese in Austria. Cliccate qui per maggiori info.

January 2015 – Part I –

Hello world, maybe you know, maybe not. Starting from the 9th of January I am 34, i’m one year older. I don’t really love to organize parties because I am panicked by alla these things, but this time I decided to invite few  friends to drink something. It was great because I shared my birthday with Saverio Colado Liuzzi: an amazing, talented ceramist from Grottaglie that was born my some day. We received a lovely present by our friends, illustrated by Mauro Basile (www.mepiace.com) in collaboration with Dario Pappagrossa and Totore Ciughetto. Feel free to say hello to Mauro that now is back to  Spain where he lives and survives.
Here below there are 2 pictures: in the first my father and Mauro at the Veneno’s Studio, in the second one the lovely present. Maybe you still don’t know Rocco Veneno, but you will know him soon.


Right now…. it’s time to go back to work.
In the next month I will do exhibitions in different cities.
– Do you remember Sano/Sano and the art show 意大利制造? We will show the project in Pescara (24thh-30th of January) click here for more news.
– In the same period (23th-26th of January) I will do my first show in London where, in collaboration with Primato Pugliese, I will take part to Art-Room 2015. More then 70 artists have been invited to do a show in a wonderful location. Every artist will have a room of an old, historical hotel to set up works. I will be there and if you are in London that days you have to come. Ask me for tickets, i have a couple of entrance for free. Click here for infos.
I was also featured in the Persol blog (the historical sound glasses brand).
It was good, because I love when I discover this thing without to know. Thank you. Click here...



Finally you have to know that after 10 years the snow come back to our small city: Grottaglie.
I have to be honest It was really funny walking, looking to the white and having the fingers hibernate. I spent hours looking at clumsy people and dangerous drivers. Grottaglie is not a place for snow, it’s official. Anyway we did also some jokes.. like this one in the video here below. Enjoy it before to go. See you…