December 2014 – Part II –

Jingle bells. It’s Christmas time and the sun is still with us. I come back from Rome were I did the Mercato Monti. It was a real pleasure to meet great, talented and old friends there. If I have to be honest I don’t really love to stay all the day hoping that visitors will understand what I do, why and how. Luckily Mercato Monti is different for 2 reasons.
1) The organisers did a great marketing  job and at the moment this market is one of the best in Italy. I’m sure.
2) Most of the exhibitors and the organizers love me and my ceramics. So they strongly support me and my ceramics.
Here below you will find a selection of pictures that I ripped off from the Mercato Monti’s Facebook page (click here).

There is another important news that you have to know. I took part to a project named Heartists (click here): 15 artists donated an artwork to create a print (70×100 cm) that you can buy for 15 euros. All the money will donated to an association that help alley cats and stray dogs. Choose your print and order… it’s important. I’m not an illustrator so they decide to took a picture of my work “Fossi stato più furbo“. The picture has been taken by Dario Miale, as usually, so thank you Dario.HEARTISTS_img-copertina


Do you remember about Pepo (click here) and the project Grottangeles (click here)?
For Christmas we decided to collaborate realizing a combo pack. You can receive my ceramic fruit basket + his jumper for only 60 euro.  It will be a perfect gift, your perfect present. Order it, come on.
Last week I met in my studio Monica, a girl with a positive and intensive energy that you can feel 100 km far from the earth. She has a blog and when she went back home wrote a small post about her day. Inside there were a couple of sentences that made me happy. If you speak italian you can click here.


December 2014 – Part I –

Ladies and gentleman I’m proud to announce that we have new t-shirts and bags printed by Serigrafia Lupetto (click here). If you need one come to the studio with minimum 6 and maximum 12 euros. All of them were hand/heart printed  by Guadalupe . She is super cool and can print your serial dreams.
I know that it’s winter and it’s not good to buy a t-shirt but the Sun is still here and it doesn’t need holidays, we have to support the power of the Sun.
It’s also time to go to Rome where I will take part to Mercato Monti (click here) the 13th and the 14th of December. Please come and buy your Christmas presents there. You should support DIY, and Mercato Monti is the TOP in Rome. Two floors of great artisans, second hands clothes, vintage objects are waiting for you.

FORMATO fronte 10X 15 copia


In the last post I spoke about Arteria, the art show that Fatti di China organized into the deconsecrated church of San Giuseppe in Conversano. They realized a small documentary about the event. If you have 8 minutes you should look at it. I have always nasal voice and unless sentences. I know….

Last week there was the exhibition in Milano “Ensemble 2.0“. Unfortunately I wasn’t there and the weather was also really rainy. I don’t have pictures about the event so I stolen from “Caba associazione” facebook page some photos (click here). You should follow them, they are great…
In the last photo the ceramic balloons.


Last update before to go. In the last days a lot of blog are speaking about my stuff. Here they are some examples. Thank you! ! !
– Lustik ( click here).
–  An art blog from Russia (click here)
– Art Blog (click here)
– Another blog from Portugal I suppose (click here)
See you soon. I have to listen Erlend Oye right now. 

November 2014 – Part II –

As I said last week I’m working on different projects in this period: art shows, interviews, application, ecc.
I went to Conversano (BA) ’cause the Fatti di China crew invited me to took part to Arteria, a group exhibition of different artists from Puglia.
It was amazing, in a wonderful location (the deconsecrated church of San Giuseppe) where a lot of people come. Here there is a small selection of pictures but if you want more, you can click here.





The 29th and the 30th of November I will took part to a ceramic art show in Milano. It was organized by Silvia Imperiale, one of the most important person for the ceramic in Italy. I really would like to be there but I can’t. It is not easy living in the south to go to Milano, so I decided to send some pieces. TRUST ME, if you can you should go there because there will be an incredible selection of ceramist, but most important alla the pieces will be an auction sale of all the pieces starting from 90 euros. So you can have a chance to buy an art pieces or a Christmas presents.
Do it, if you can effort it, part of the money will be donated to an association. More infos here.

10805705_10204389053117790_3584451877824917883_nFinally. I finished all the application for really important art ceramic exhibition that will happen in the 2015. I will have the result in the future. We will see. Update soon. Here there is a small preview. Enjoy.
P.s. Steady Rollin bye the Two Gallants…. Song of the day.

November 2014 – Part I –

I would like to update the blog regularly. I would like to speak about my adventures, works, projects, fears. Believe me, It’s hard. I decided to start this website in English, trying to include all the world but at the end I close out a part of me. Anyway It’s time to update you about most of the things happened in this period. I come back from a trip that I did with two great friends of mine Totore Ciughetto and Dario Miale. We went to Tallinn and Riga, having amazing days, cycling, drinking and surviving to the glaciation.

Here below a couple of picture and a great song, Homesick from the “Kings of Convenience“. Click here.

Now as usual the resume of the journey sketching the funny adventures that happened us.
Scan-3 Scan-2

So It was the journey but in this period I had and I will have also a lot of things to do: interviews, applications, production, pictures, art shows, ecc.
Step by step.
Tomorrow I will do an exhibition in Conversano (Bari), in the deconsecrated church of San Giuseppe from the 14th to the 16th of November. It is organized by amazing people from “Fatti di China” and if you live near you should visit Arteria 2014 (click here).


But it is not the only thing happening. I did interview for The House of Peroni. Feel free to click here. In the next month I will do an interview for a great magazine. Believe me, it will be AMAZING. I can’t wait.
I am also working a lot to create some new pieces for some ceramics events that will happen this year. They will be hard. I have to send application, waiting for selection, results, stress, ecc. I can only do my best, apply, cross the fingers and wait for the result.
I can’t continue now. It is really hard to type with the fingers crossed. The last picture. The box, ceramic and glaze, real dimension, 2014.
I love you all.

August 2014

Hi there. It’s the 15th of August and while everybody is swimming I am in my studio updating my website. It looks a little bit sad, but it isn’t. I had a really intensive days and it’s time to take a break, waiting for new plan  in september. Otherwise there are a lot of tourists in these days walking and visiting ceramics studios so it is better  to wait for them.
I am listening the Van pelt while I am collecting pictures of the last show 意大利制造 (Made in Italy) by Dario Miale and I (click here).
It was great a lot of people come to visit the exhibition and we were featured os really amazing magazine and website. Thank you so much to all the people that supported us. Soon we will post more pictures, don’t worry.

10574219_1533027476919454_6251559606391034500_n 10592952_1533027270252808_304469207521288165_n 10534131_1533027156919486_7697147704711603035_n 10599643_1533027373586131_1096050077018534323_n 10533714_1533027406919461_8575546604876969988_n 10565184_1533027483586120_4587916451788215408_n 10530743_1533027256919476_8809691216920186328_n

If it is not enough today I received a wonderful mail from a secret place that I can’t still reveal. One of my work has been selected to be show at a Biennale. Stay tuned. I will announce it soon…
With love

July 2014

Hi there world. I’m here, after insane weeks, working, relaxing, creating, destroying, loving my city, hating my city.
As I saeid in the last post i am doing art an art show in my city. I did a huge installation of ceramics ice-creams. Here you can see some pictures that Dario Miale took them. It was really hard but Dario is amazing and can do everything. If one day in your life you need a photographer remember about him.

giorgiodipalma giorgiodipalmaceramiche


Ok. It was just a spot on Dario Miale, but i have also another great news to announce. In August we will do our second show. Be free for that time… it will be amazing.
Enjoy the poster and feel free to click on our website project (


June 2014 – Part II –

It’s raining, but it’s summer, so I know that soon the sun will arrive with a lot of good news. This is one of the most busy period of my life: I am working on different directions only for one reason. I think that there is a chance to change. So I decided to take part to the XXI Mostra Ceramica. I did an installation, in the next days I will show pictures of the work.
mostra grottaglie
This week will happen also Testimonianze ceramiche (click here). I organized a meeting with 3 person that are giving a great contribute to the ceramic in Italy today. Claudia Casali (director of the MIC – Museo Internazionale della Ceramica in Faenza-, Nicola Boccini (ceramic artist) and Silvia Imperiale ( expert in ceramic communication). I received the contribute of the Puglia Region, that are giving opportunity to organize Laboratori dal Basso with the PO FSE 2007–2013.
I hope that if you are here you will pass here to see the art show at the Castle and to listen their conference.

I go now… I want to open the Kiln and I can’t wait

June 2014 – Part I –

It’s time to update the blog, it’s time to share with you tons of things that will happen soon. This month will be incredible full of events. I will do different group shows while I am organizing one of the most complicate exhibition in my life. It will happen this summer in collaboration with Dario Miale. Do you know Sano/sano? It is the name of our collaboration. Click here if you don’t.
Ok… Let’s start, but before I have to listen These few presidents by the “Why?” Click here
– The 14th of June Officine Tamborrino (click here) will open  a new store in Ostuni. I will show there some pieces for 15 months. It will be a collaboration with Primato Pugliese, I will speak about them in the future.

Allegato di posta elettronica

Allegato di posta elettronica-1
– The 29th of June there will be the Contemporary annual ceramic exhibition in the Castello Episcopio in Grottaglie. I will do a nice installation. I don’t have picture because usually in my city they are really slow to made graphics, ecc. You have to come and see or you should wait a couple of weeks.
– There will be also the 99% to realize a project in partnership with the Regione Puglia. It should happen the 2th and the 3th of July. If yes it will be great to share with ayou something really great and professional. Cross the fingers.
– I come back after 1 week in Sardegna. I spent some days with my sweet half Valeria. This land is AMAZING: the people, the food and the sea. Everything s perfect. Now that I am bronzed like never in my life, i am ready for the summer.
Gotta go….. Thedust is waiting for me.


May 2014

Hi there, I am here ready to share news and sneezes. I am looking for the stability inside this little crazy world. So I am investing on plants and dreams. Last week I went to a shop and I bought 15 little plants for 7 euros and a lemon tree for 10 euros. So I went back to the studio and I planted them. Now I am waiting for the result. It could be great to have new hosts at my studio for the spring. It looks really lovely in this period: Different lights, small birds singing and fresh water for dogs. This is “where I’m from” by the eels (click here).

I am working hard because I have a lot of art shows in the next months: one in Ravenna, two in Grottaglie and 1 in a secret place that I can’t reveal. Wait and see.
This month 2 newspapers dedicate some words to Giorgio di Palma: Elle and Livu‘. The first one is a national monthly fashion magazine, the second one is a local magazine from Grottaglie.  Thank you so much to Isa Grassano, Marco Carrino and all the people that support me.


I am working on new pieces: different objects and low relieves.  I will present new objects on the next art shows that are coming. Here below you can see “E’ volato in cielo” “Ero certo che sapeva volare”. It is dedicated to …. you know who you are. Good luck. Wish you the best.

"E' volato in cielo" "Ero certo che sapeva volare", 2014.

“E’ volato in cielo” “Ero certo che sapeva volare”, 2014.

I will never finish to ask you to send me picture of any piece… if you have them. Sometimes it’s nice to know where are living the new pieces and to see how they look in different places. I received a couple of photos in the last days, one of them is of the public phone. I did 2 of them. One is on the street and the other one in France.
The other photos are from the sweetest girls in Monopoli.




April 2014 – Part II –

Hi there, I’m here again. In front of my Pc, in Grottaglie, planning and dreaming, sharing my desk with allergies and dust. Last week I spent a couple of days in Bologna with two great local artists Paolo and MariaRosaria. We are in contact with a gallery in San Lazzaro, so we planned to go there for the weekend to check the situation and support Mariarosaria with her solo show. I have to be honest, it was an amazing experience. We had a studio, a hug house and mountains to enjoy opening the windows. We had bad food, pencils and time, so we spent hours drawing casually and having fun. We shared piece of papers, chatting about life and drinking bad wine in a mountain where internet doesn’t work. My soul was completed disconnected.

Harlem Roulette by the Mountain Goats (click here).



On Monday after a night without sleep in a bus I arrived in Grottaglie where I had a couple of good news.
– Pugliacalling wrote a small review about my studio on their blog. They celebrate me like a man with an hot heart. I don’t  know how it sounds in English, maybe like an indian nickname, but in italian cuore caldo is really sweet. Click here.
– I received a catalogue about the experience that i did last year in Neumunster. I was selected for the ceramic artist in residence  with 9 ten super great artists. Click here for more info. Above you can see a picture of one of the pages.


Now I have to go. I have to finish a lot of works, go to Taranto, pack stuff, ship works, and most of all, stay with my sister. She is going to married soon. Wish you the best, hug little sister.
See you soon….

April 2014 – Part I –

As I wrote in the last post I’m doing my best to update the blog regularly.
In the last weeks a lot of things happened I did a presentation, I went to Rome, I did an illustration for a book, ecc. ecc.
– The 28th of March there was the presentation of the works that I realized in collaboration with the guys of the Fa.dia, a center for people with different disabilities. We did an installation on the street, while other their pieces plus photos by Dario Miale where showed at the “Galleria Vincenza“. Here you can see some pictures taken by Dario.
I know that people is strange and that idiots were going to destroy the piece. It happened 24 hours later. It made me sad a little bit because the guys from Fa.dia put on it a lot of energies.  Be strong guys, you won anyway.



– Is that enough, by yo la tengo (click here). This is the song of the day.

– The last week I went to Rome to take part at the Artgenial, an event organized by the Elsewhere Factory  and Mercato Monti. I had a to realize some pieces to show how i usually work. It was ok, there was a lot of people walking and buying, but to spent all the day near radical chic is not the best.  Here there are some pictures…. I don’t know the author but thanks anyway.



– A really good friend of mine asked to me to make an illustration for a chapter of a book that will publish soon. This is what I did, I hope that he  enjoyed what I did because I’m not an illustrator, but sometimes it is cool to use a pencil and a rubber. I have to run now. There is somebody that maybe need my support.
Update soon…


March 2014

It’s really a lot of time that I’m not posting anything on this blog. There is a reason. Sometimes I would like to write what I feel in italian ’cause it’s really hard to translate emotions in English, so I prefer to put everything in pieces of clay. The result is that I never update the blog and that there tons of things that nobody know. Starting from now I will try to update the blog regularly and I will name the new posts with title of songs.
The first one is Losing my glue by Darren Hayman. Click here if you want.
Now I will try to remember most of the things that happened in the last months.
1) I was teaching ceramics in 2 difference course. The first one was organized by CSV and Galleria Vincenza. I have to be honest. I was not teaching, there were people there that teach me how easy is to live and work with clay. I don’t know if they will never read it, in that case, THANK YOU. The presentation will happen the 25th of March in Galleria Vincenza, come there… come on.
The second one was organized by the Fucarazza, an association from Carosino, a small town near Grottaglie.

2) I launched a new website with Dario Miale, the best photographer under 76. We named it Sano/sano, and it will be the container of all our project. At the moment you will find some informations about the past show that we did togheter: Cacate, but soon we will speak about something great that we are working on. Click here and stay tuned.


For the rest. I am really making  a lot of works for new shows that will happen soon. The 30th of March I will be in Rome to take part at the artigenial organized by Mercato Monti and Elsewhere factory at the Radisson Hotel.
Here below there is the promo video, let’s met there. I will be not in the market but I will work on another floor with amazing people where you will join me. True?


I made a new low relieve: “Io non ho la pappagorgia.” ” Si tu hai la pappagorgia”. It is REALLY important, because i was unable for 1 year to realize dogs in clay. Somebody, directly from the stars, gave me the power and the energy. Thank you.

"Ion non ho la Pappagorgia" "Si. Tu hai la pappagorgia", 40x40 cm, 2014.

I go now…. I’m firing new pieces.
Update soon…