May 2015

After one month in Sicily (click here) I’m back to my city, Grottaglie, starting new works and projects. I will try to remember everything, but really I have tons of news.
In June I will take part to 59th Premio Faenza with “La foto del trecentesimo compleanno”. I am really excited about it. It is a really important event and I am proud to be in.
I will take part also to “Premio ceramica Mediterranea” in Grottaglie.

There are new places where you can find my stuff.
Martina Franca at “Frida”. Feel free to visit Stefania and Federica they are lovely and in the store you can find art, design and clothing. I stolen this picture from they Facebook page (click here)


Matera at “Civico Nove”. I love the attitude to the life of the owners. Their a COOL and they have pieces of talented artisans from different parts of south of Italy. Click here (click here)
For the rest everything is going great, but I have to run now… too much things to do. See you.