March 2015

I’m back again, thinking how to help Italian people that don’t speak english to follow me. Maybe I will do some change soon, but in this period I’m so busy that will be hard to do all the things that I planned untill the 27th of March. Yes because that day I will move to Sicily. I have been selected for the project “I-art” and I will spent 1 month in the Island, working with clay and on a new project. I will update soon. Right now you can click here to read all the name of the selected artists.

As I saied I have to solve a lot of things: commissions, delivery stuff organize art-show and more. For this reason last week-end I decided to go to San Gimignano and Faenza with Totore Ciughetto and Dario Miale. It was the unconfortable trip ever. We had to delivery the piece for the MIC 2015, (a huge piece) and the pieces for the I-sculputure gallery in San Gimignano. I will collaborate with them so if you are near there you should pass from the gallery. They are amazing and and they offered us a nice place to sleep. Click here. Thank you guys. Really.
The same days we had the opportunity to go to Siena, met some friends and had the dinner in the best place in Tuscany: Osteria il Grattacielo. Go there, please. I will not post pictures of us because everybody look really ugly and drunk, so I’m sorry…
The day after we woke up really early because we had to go to Faenza were we had to delivery the piece for the show that will happen in June 2015. It will be the BEST show ever and I WANT to be there. In Faenza we met Claudia Casali, the director of the Ceramic Museum in Faenza. We had a lunch all together and we spoke a lot about shows, ceramics and food. I met the first time Claudia Casali in Grottaglie in the 2014 for a conference that I organized. There is only one word to the describe her: SUPER. I don’t know if she will ever read it ever, in any case it’s important that all my followers know how great she is.
After we went to Bologna, ate again and met Nunzio, Mariangela and Cisco, an old old friend. In 3 days we did 1900 km and we ate 18 times: 7 times in auto- grills, 2 times in restaurants, 3 times street-food, 5 times in bars, 1 time at home.
One more world for Carletto…. the funniest and laziest dog in Italy. I can stay days looking at him.

Now it’s time to work again…..  before to go I have and incredible list of things to do. I have interviews, art shows, commissions, orders and more. I will update you again before the 27th, right now remember that tomorrow there will be an art-show in Bari where you will find one print of my work “Fossi stato più furbo”. You will find also me and other artists. It will be for the project Heartists. Support them. Come and buy. More info here.