December 2013 – Part I –

It’s time to wait presents and snow. I am here sitting in the studio with  an hot water bag on my legs and senseless objects on my desk. It’s time to speak about news and events. It’s Christmas and it’s time to buy presents and say bye to my ceramics.
– There are different art-shows and shop where you can see my works in this period: Milano and Ragusa (click here). I am still waiting for good pictures… no way.
– On Sunday 22th of December I will take part to Make People do Lab (click here), an event in Fasano where you can see and buy the best christmas presents…
– Ting Ju SHAO for Taiwan Ceramic Art journal wrote an article about the Ceramic Biennale in cluj. Here you can see a picture, i really don’t know the language but it looks amazing.
– I also received a picture from Roma. It’s a flat where a really lovely and amazing girl put some of my balloons. It’s nice… she is super nice.
That’s all… no wait there is a great news. I won a prize but I will speak about it in the next days…
With Love