August 2014

Hi there. It’s the 15th of August and while everybody is swimming I am in my studio updating my website. It looks a little bit sad, but it isn’t. I had a really intensive days and it’s time to take a break, waiting for new plan  in september. Otherwise there are a lot of tourists in these days walking and visiting ceramics studios so it is better  to wait for them.
I am listening the Van pelt while I am collecting pictures of the last show 意大利制造 (Made in Italy) by Dario Miale and I (click here).
It was great a lot of people come to visit the exhibition and we were featured os really amazing magazine and website. Thank you so much to all the people that supported us. Soon we will post more pictures, don’t worry.

10574219_1533027476919454_6251559606391034500_n 10592952_1533027270252808_304469207521288165_n 10534131_1533027156919486_7697147704711603035_n 10599643_1533027373586131_1096050077018534323_n 10533714_1533027406919461_8575546604876969988_n 10565184_1533027483586120_4587916451788215408_n 10530743_1533027256919476_8809691216920186328_n

If it is not enough today I received a wonderful mail from a secret place that I can’t still reveal. One of my work has been selected to be show at a Biennale. Stay tuned. I will announce it soon…
With love