November 2014 – Part I –

I would like to update the blog regularly. I would like to speak about my adventures, works, projects, fears. Believe me, It’s hard. I decided to start this website in English, trying to include all the world but at the end I close out a part of me. Anyway It’s time to update you about most of the things happened in this period. I come back from a trip that I did with two great friends of mine Totore Ciughetto and Dario Miale. We went to Tallinn and Riga, having amazing days, cycling, drinking and surviving to the glaciation.

Here below a couple of picture and a great song, Homesick from the “Kings of Convenience“. Click here.

Now as usual the resume of the journey sketching the funny adventures that happened us.
Scan-3 Scan-2

So It was the journey but in this period I had and I will have also a lot of things to do: interviews, applications, production, pictures, art shows, ecc.
Step by step.
Tomorrow I will do an exhibition in Conversano (Bari), in the deconsecrated church of San Giuseppe from the 14th to the 16th of November. It is organized by amazing people from “Fatti di China” and if you live near you should visit Arteria 2014 (click here).


But it is not the only thing happening. I did interview for The House of Peroni. Feel free to click here. In the next month I will do an interview for a great magazine. Believe me, it will be AMAZING. I can’t wait.
I am also working a lot to create some new pieces for some ceramics events that will happen this year. They will be hard. I have to send application, waiting for selection, results, stress, ecc. I can only do my best, apply, cross the fingers and wait for the result.
I can’t continue now. It is really hard to type with the fingers crossed. The last picture. The box, ceramic and glaze, real dimension, 2014.
I love you all.