June 2012

Love the sun, hate the sand and in the meantime enjoy these happy news:
–   Some  works have been added under the sections low relieves and objects.
–  A video has been edited with the special guest of the local fighter Peppo Nuzzo (click here).
– You can fallow me also on facebook. So click here and like it.
–  In the last months I did art shows in Roma and Florence and I’m ready for GREAT events that will happen soon here in Puglia.

– The result of the collaboration between Mr Spoqui and I is ready. It’s a special issue of their magazine dedicated to the ceramic world. It’s in limited edition and contained an amazing tile designed by Maria Francesca Monteforte.
– The website contain now a Shop and small changes. It was possible thanks to the “dopolavoro” studio (click here). Contact them if you need php  and wordpress  genius.
– Finally, Lucky is great. The best.