December 2013 – Part II –

It’s time to update the blog. It’s time to post pictures and news. Just give me 4.23 minutes to refresh my mind and enjoy the world. It’s a kind of a secret that I will share with you today. Press play and enjoy…

So…. where I was. I was speaking about shows and prize. In this period I’m taking part to a lot of different events, click here to have and idea. If you are in time go there, if not I will post now links and a couple of pictures.
In Milano there are two shows: “La ceramica oggi in Italia” and “Gift” at the NoName space.
I have no pictures from the NoName space, but some friends of mine sent pictures from Villa Necchi.

IMG_0125You can see  more pictures just clicking here.

In Ragusa at the same time I sent some pieces for the opening of a shop in front of Prima Classe Bar . The one that you can see here below.


At the end it’s time to speak about the prize…
This year I took part to the exhibition at the Castello Episcopio in Grottaglie named Sotto cieli stellati (under starry sky). I worked with 2 great friends of mine Mauro and Saverio on a piece: Si può’ dare di più. It’s the title of a song that won Sanremo in the 1987. It was singed by Umberto Tozzi, Gianni Morandi and Enrico Ruggieri. We worked under the pseudonames of Gianni, Umberto and Enrico and named the piece like their song. After it we used 3 shapes from the Grottaglie’s ceramics, to represents the nativity. Their were covered by a dark starry blanket. We didn’t want to win the prize, we just planned to show the situation of the ceramic in Grottaglie: sleepy and sad.
On the top pf this post you can see the picture, it’s not my typical style but you can feel the ironia. Have a nice day….