March 2014

It’s really a lot of time that I’m not posting anything on this blog. There is a reason. Sometimes I would like to write what I feel in italian ’cause it’s really hard to translate emotions in English, so I prefer to put everything in pieces of clay. The result is that I never update the blog and that there tons of things that nobody know. Starting from now I will try to update the blog regularly and I will name the new posts with title of songs.
The first one is Losing my glue by Darren Hayman. Click here if you want.
Now I will try to remember most of the things that happened in the last months.
1) I was teaching ceramics in 2 difference course. The first one was organized by CSV and Galleria Vincenza. I have to be honest. I was not teaching, there were people there that teach me how easy is to live and work with clay. I don’t know if they will never read it, in that case, THANK YOU. The presentation will happen the 25th of March in Galleria Vincenza, come there… come on.
The second one was organized by the Fucarazza, an association from Carosino, a small town near Grottaglie.

2) I launched a new website with Dario Miale, the best photographer under 76. We named it Sano/sano, and it will be the container of all our project. At the moment you will find some informations about the past show that we did togheter: Cacate, but soon we will speak about something great that we are working on. Click here and stay tuned.


For the rest. I am really making  a lot of works for new shows that will happen soon. The 30th of March I will be in Rome to take part at the artigenial organized by Mercato Monti and Elsewhere factory at the Radisson Hotel.
Here below there is the promo video, let’s met there. I will be not in the market but I will work on another floor with amazing people where you will join me. True?


I made a new low relieve: “Io non ho la pappagorgia.” ” Si tu hai la pappagorgia”. It is REALLY important, because i was unable for 1 year to realize dogs in clay. Somebody, directly from the stars, gave me the power and the energy. Thank you.

"Ion non ho la Pappagorgia" "Si. Tu hai la pappagorgia", 40x40 cm, 2014.

I go now…. I’m firing new pieces.
Update soon…