July 2013

Hello there! Here I am, watching clouds and thinking about my city. The skyline is dominated by smoking chimneys, that usually kill people and hope. But I am proud to be here, where people is trying to kill the chimneys, fighting for their dreams.

These news are dedicated to them:
– In the next months I will do art show in Austria, Germany and Romania but I will also give my contribute to some local event: Orecchiette nelle nchiosce and Vino รจ Musica.
– In August I will do a tour with my works travelling around Puglia. Stay tuned… it will happens soon.
– My works has been featured on Pizza digitale (click here) and Vanity Fair (click here). I also did a video interview for the Mini Tour (click here).
– New objects and low realieves will be post in the next weeks. It depends on Dario Miale (click here), that is always busy.
– I want to thanks Liova, Melinda and Fuga, 3 supergirls that helped me so much in the last months, planning and working. Thanks also to Fabio Mazza for the picture on the top.