April 2014 – Part II –

Hi there, I’m here again. In front of my Pc, in Grottaglie, planning and dreaming, sharing my desk with allergies and dust. Last week I spent a couple of days in Bologna with two great local artists Paolo and MariaRosaria. We are in contact with a gallery in San Lazzaro, so we planned to go there for the weekend to check the situation and support Mariarosaria with her solo show. I have to be honest, it was an amazing experience. We had a studio, a hug house and mountains to enjoy opening the windows. We had bad food, pencils and time, so we spent hours drawing casually and having fun. We shared piece of papers, chatting about life and drinking bad wine in a mountain where internet doesn’t work. My soul was completed disconnected.

Harlem Roulette by the Mountain Goats (click here).



On Monday after a night without sleep in a bus I arrived in Grottaglie where I had a couple of good news.
– Pugliacalling wrote a small review about my studio on their blog. They celebrate me like a man with an hot heart. I don’t  know how it sounds in English, maybe like an indian nickname, but in italian cuore caldo is really sweet. Click here.
– I received a catalogue about the experience that i did last year in Neumunster. I was selected for the ceramic artist in residence  with 9 ten super great artists. Click here for more info. Above you can see a picture of one of the pages.


Now I have to go. I have to finish a lot of works, go to Taranto, pack stuff, ship works, and most of all, stay with my sister. She is going to married soon. Wish you the best, hug little sister.
See you soon….