May 2014

Hi there, I am here ready to share news and sneezes. I am looking for the stability inside this little crazy world. So I am investing on plants and dreams. Last week I went to a shop and I bought 15 little plants for 7 euros and a lemon tree for 10 euros. So I went back to the studio and I planted them. Now I am waiting for the result. It could be great to have new hosts at my studio for the spring. It looks really lovely in this period: Different lights, small birds singing and fresh water for dogs. This is “where I’m from” by the eels (click here).

I am working hard because I have a lot of art shows in the next months: one in Ravenna, two in Grottaglie and 1 in a secret place that I can’t reveal. Wait and see.
This month 2 newspapers dedicate some words to Giorgio di Palma: Elle and Livu‘. The first one is a national monthly fashion magazine, the second one is a local magazine from Grottaglie.  Thank you so much to Isa Grassano, Marco Carrino and all the people that support me.


I am working on new pieces: different objects and low relieves.  I will present new objects on the next art shows that are coming. Here below you can see “E’ volato in cielo” “Ero certo che sapeva volare”. It is dedicated to …. you know who you are. Good luck. Wish you the best.

"E' volato in cielo" "Ero certo che sapeva volare", 2014.

“E’ volato in cielo” “Ero certo che sapeva volare”, 2014.

I will never finish to ask you to send me picture of any piece… if you have them. Sometimes it’s nice to know where are living the new pieces and to see how they look in different places. I received a couple of photos in the last days, one of them is of the public phone. I did 2 of them. One is on the street and the other one in France.
The other photos are from the sweetest girls in Monopoli.